Instagram Marketing Checklist

Have you heard? Instagram has over 500 million active users daily. Chances are if you analyze the top 100 businesses in the world, they have an Instagram account.


So can Instagram really be more than pretty pictures? Absolutely.


Instagram gives your customers direct access to your business in key ways! Not only does it let you interact with them, but it gives you a prime way to help build brand awareness and tell your story.


If you’re wondering how hashtags work and when to post pictures, you’re at the right place. We’re going to walk you through the ins and outs of Instagram marketing for businesses.


Getting The Most Out of Instagram

With the right tools under your belt you’ll be an Instagram pro in no time.

#1 ~ Converted to Business Yet?

If you already have an account created for your business, make sure to switch it from “personal” to “professional”.
If you are just getting started on Instagram, make sure to turn your account to business from the get-go.
To make the switch, go to your profile. Tab the three line icons and then click on “settings”. Select “switch to business profile” and then click “continue”.
After that you’ll have access to tons of great business features like a contact button, added insights, and more!
Check out a step by step guide here.

#2 ~ Get Found on IG

Once you switch your profile to business, you’re not done yet. Filling out that bio is key to making a great first impression with your Instagram visitors. 


Add a brief, interesting description of your services, dress it up with some fun emojis while you are at it!  Make sure to also add your contact information like a phone number or email address. Always include your website or important links for your business.

#3 ~ Post Images that POP

It’s called Instagram for a reason! This app is totally designed around visual content and storytelling. There’s a reason you need to post images that POP.
Create scroll-stopping images to truly catch your customers attention. Try your best to keep your images aligned with your brand look and feel.
A few key image tips:

  • Vary your image sizes. Try playing with square images, long images, or landscape images.
  • Keep it personal. Try to include your real team in your pictures if possible!
  • Keep to your brands look and feel
  • Vary your images with quote texts or graphics

Check out more tips by clicking here. 

#4 ~ Turn the Camera ON!

Have you seen those little circles at the top of your Instagram? Those are called stories! They are a powerful tool to reach your customers and audience.


Stories are only available for 24 hours and are a great way to stay top of mind with your audience.


Use these daily to take full advantage of their tools!

#5 ~ Save and Highlight!

Remember the stories feature we talk about above? Well turns out you can make them last even longer than 24 hours!


“Highlights” exist on your Instagram profile. They are how you can save and organize your Instagram stories. These stay up as long as you want and are a great way to provide more information to your audience.


Once you post your story, simply click “save to highlight” at the bottom of your story screen. Voila! You’ve got highlights.

#6 ~ It’s all about Visibility

With over 500 million active users on Instagram, it’s important to give your posts an extra push to stand out and be seen.


Luckily, Instagram gives you what you need to succeed with this.

Hashtags create an automatic tagging system that shows your posts to people following or searching for your tags. If you’re a local business make sure to tag your location and business industry.


For example #miami #marketing #miamimarketing


Instagram allows you to add up to 30 hashtags to your posts.


Also – don’t forget to use location tags to your posts. This is another way that users can easily find your business, especially if you’re local!

#7 ~ Follow, Love & Comment

Community is everything on Instagram. It’s a great way to make real connections with future customers, those in your industry, or current customers.
The best way to do this? Be real.
Genuinely engage with other accounts. Follow your ideal customers, comment on pictures, respond to stories and always respond to direct messages you receive!

Find Your Tribe

Instagram is constantly evolving and adding fun new features. Make sure to stay up to date with key updates and fun new additions!


No matter what Instagram comes up with next, the fundamentals listed above will give you all the tools you need to start conquering Instagram and building your tribe.