8 ways to get noticed on Instagram?

One of the most predominant marketing strategies for small business owners is the use of social media platforms as a part of a small business marketing plan. One of the hottest social networks today is Instagram. Here are eight ways to increase notice you receive. The first way to get notice on Instagram is the use of hashtags. However, there’s more to these golden small business online marketing than just throwing words around. Hashtags are excellent marketing ideas for small business because of their versatility.

Hashtag Happy

Using hashtags as captions for posts is a sure fire way to boost your likes, while the implementation of them into the comments you make on others’ posts will build the engagement you have with people. But, what hashtags will be most advantageous to you? By using the second of these marketing ideas for small business. Start out by using popular hashtags with a high number of tagged posts. Over time, slim into tags that really define your brand, business and products. The third and fourth marketing strategies for small business considers how many tags to use. Instagram allows a maximum of thirty hashtags in each post. The more tags used will increase the views and likes on that post. Smart tagging quantity range between eleven and the maximum of thirty. Some of the most popular hashtags for small business include #shoplocal, #smallbiz, #startup, #entreprenuergoals, and #supportsmallbusinesses

Stories, DMs and Challenges

The fifth and sixth attention tactics are about the stories feature. Using smart small business online marketing techniques, such as shout outs, polls, questions and hashtags will boost attention. However, without a plan of action in place every week, its unlikely that consistency will be maintained, This is crucial to story success. So, set twenty minutes aside to make this important small business marketing plan. Number seven on our list is being noticed by directly messaging individuals. It may seem awkward but there’s an appropriate way to conduct this tool. Start up genuine conversation based on related material. Then ask for feedback or just send a thank you. Finally, the eighth way to boost the notice is by posting behind the scenes pictures. Take a few hours on a not-so-busy day an take some pics of your team or workspace.