How do I grow my Instagram?

Instagram is now the fastest growing social media platform. You may be new to this, and you would want to know how to grow on Instagram. The best thing about growing your Instagram is that you will use it to your advantage. The current marketing trend is using social media to market your business. It has become the top marketing ideas for small business. The main reason is that so many people now meet on social media. Instagram connects people all over the world. It has become a more straightforward marketing strategies for small business. Instagram has been the platform where small business online marketing takes place. Therefore, you need to grow your Instagram so you can use it as a small business marketing plan.

Continuously Create Content and Post It

As mentioned earlier, Instagram has brought people all over the world in one place. Frequently posting affects Instagram growth and the rate of engagement. It has been researched that when you post, your page gets attention and views. You will also be reminding your viewers that they followed you and will want to see your content. Moreover, your content will appear on the search page of Instagram. So when users want to search for someone, they get attracted to check on your content. Profiles that post less frequently get few views, and fewer people get to follow them. If you check the verified accounts, you will find that they regularly post in a day. Consider making a routine of posting at least seven times a day.

Use Live Videos and Stories to Grow Your Account

The best thing about Instagram is that it has many features. Whenever you go on a live video, users get notified to join. Those who join your live will be interested in following you to get to know your page. You can also use IGTV to post a video. Videos posted on Instagram are known as IGTV. It is a new feature on Instagram that increases traffic on the page of users. Instagram stories are also another feature that you can use. However, it only goes for up to 24 hours. You will, therefore need to post more often on your stories to get more traffic. Images are also lovely, but their feature has been used so many times. Videos get more engagement compared to photos. Instagram is an excellent social media that you can use to grow your business. Make use of these strategies to grow your account.

How do I grow my Instagram?